The word of God


The Word of the Lord teaches us in Romans 12:1-2 about this subject. And many of us don’t understand how to apply it in our everyday lives.

As we think, so will we respond when the critical circumstances of life take us by surprise. We are the fruit of what we think and speak…

The system of the world, the devil and everything that is natural around us is trying to influence our minds and our thinking. And if we allow ourselves to be influenced by the systems of the world, they will drag us down, in suffering and even downfall. That’s why we need to be more earnest and careful about what we speak and think.

For example, if I tell you that I have a stomachache, the thought immediately lingers in that ache and brings fear and really starts to hurt me, even if before I had only light symptoms of stomachache.

The only thing that can help us think correctly and fairly is the WORD OF TRUTH, THE BIBLE.

The opinions of people, of doctors, of the times we’re living in don’t matter, we have to DISCIPLINE our mind and thinking with the Word of God. If we truly want to have a life of victory, especially when it takes us by surprise, we need to run to the Word of the Lord. For this reason, let’s always listen to the Word, speak the Word. Because words create thoughts and thoughts determine what we feel.

Because you know this TRUTH, you now have the authority to change your emotions (pain, frustration, complaint, fear, worry, malice, anger etc.)  How??? BY CHANGING what you speak and what you think.

If the thinking is WRONG, the experiences will also be wrong.

Satan has infiltrated humanity with a negative, fearful, malicious thinking etc, so that when THE WORD OF TRUTH is proclaimed, people might not be able to understand and believe.

That is why, let us make right decisions, based on God’s Word, because as we THINK, so will we LIVE and DIE.

The Word of the Lord teaches us ABSOLUTELY everything we need in order to have a DISCIPLINED life, a holy, clean and victorious life.

Let’s be VERY careful to not allow ourselves to be intoxicated with the thought systems of the world and deceive ourselves… so that it won’t be TOO LATE…

Let’s run to the Word of the Lord and I repeat again: LET US MEDITATE DAY AND NIGHT on Him, so that we will be a fruitful tree.

The Word is our reference book, our mirror, our guide and light, it is GOD Himself. It’s worth leaving everything aside and meditating on it in order to receive life and transformation. Let’s feed ourselves with the Holy Word. Let’s DEPOSIT in our minds and hearts what God is telling us, so that when we are tested, we will be able to have what it takes…

This way, we are not knocked out, we won’t be hopeless, nor fearful, because the WORD OF THE LORD IS A SWORD, IS LIVING AND ALWAYS POWERFUL.

The evil one is afraid of the WORD OF GOD WHICH IS LIVED AND BELIEVED BY US.

We gather (as we gather food for the winter)… the Word in our heart so that we won’t sin against the Lord.

The richest person is the one who is full with the Word of God


I HOPE IN YOUR WORD” (Psalm 119:147)

The other days I was meditating on this psalm, which is so deep, profound and full of infinite riches and revelations. I can’t have enough reading and meditating on it. However, I understood that we don’t only have to read it, but also to GET INSIDE the message and APPLY it to our lives. HOW can we do this?

Today, when I woke up early in the morning, the Holy Spirit was repeating this verse inside of me. What did this mean?

Then the Holy Spirit himself gave me the necessary revelation to understand.

We don’t know what is waiting for us today. Maybe we will have troubles, joys, good or bad news, unforeseeable events etc.

Then, in order for us to be EQUIPPED and respond with peace and joy to any of life’s confrontations, THE WORD OF THE LORD IS OUR SHIELD which we use to defend ourselves and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.

This verse exhorts us that even before getting up from bed, we fix our thoughts on THE PROMISES OF THE LORD.

For example: we wake up already tired and sad that we don’t have money to pay our bills or regarding any other situation.

Then the Word of the Lord comes to help us and PROMISES us:

“God is our Provider, He is our Shepherd, He never leaves us alone etc. We feed on the Word, we fill ourselves with His promises, which are YES and AMEN, even if we don’t see them yet.”

These are the LESSONS of walking by FAITH.

If we get up with depression and worry, we also RUN TO THE PROMISES of the Lord, which command us to CAST ALL our cares upon him, for He will care for us. This way we fill our minds and hearts with them and then the evil one CAN’T put us down ANYMORE and steal our peace and joy which faith gives.

In other words, David CRIES OUT: “FATHER, I PUT MY HOPE IN WHAT YOU PROMISED ME. I know that YOU don’t lie, I know that Your Words are SPIRIT AND LIFE, I know that You are faithful, I know that you love me and that’s why I choose today to TRUST IN YOUR PROMISES.”

David’s cry deafened all the voices of the evil one, the voice of hopelessness, of disappointment, complaint, fear, worry.

This cry was coming out from a KNOWLEDGE and RELATIONSHIP with THE ONE WHO GAVE THE PROMISES.

The cry of victory makes all strange voices to drown and gives us a feeling of safety, because our Lord hears and He will answer us.

Let’s learn this mystery from the man after God’s own heart, who before even waking up for good, and before the evil one put in his mind negative thoughts of fear and worry, CHOSE to CRY OUT, because HE TRUSTED IN THE LORD’S HELP.

This way he started the day with joy and confidence, because no matter the circumstances, God was in control and could help him. He was under DIVINE PROTECTION from then on, and the evil one had no way to hurt him, because he could already see himself surrounded by the Lord’s goodness as with a shield. (Ps. 5:12)

“The Lord is my light and my Salvation; whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Ps. 27:1)

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