Fruit of the Spirit


Being merciful is a rare virtue. Nevertheless, nonbelievers also have it and we are glad about it.

But as Christians, we must have it even more, be like Christ and have a heavenly mercy that comes from our intimacy with Christ.

First we need to pray that God, in His goodness, deliver us from our SELFISH EGO. Only then can we understand, receive and have the true SPIRIT OF MERCY, which comes from the heart of Jesus.

Being merciful means being kind, good, have mercy on the downcast. That’s true, but not only this. We need to be FILLED WITH JESUS HIMSELF. Why? Can anyone be like Him? Can we imagine how rare, unique, wonderful, merciful and compassionate and full of a perfect sacrifice He is towards the world??? We can’t be filled with the Lord and not be full of MERCY.

We can’t say we have been baptized with the Holy Spirit and not be full of HIS LOVE, PEACE and MERCY.

We can’t boast that we are Christians if the CHARACTER OF JESUS can’t be seen in us.

Oh, how we need His touch, His glory, His Majesty, His Power! For only then can we give MERCY and receive MERCY, because it is heavenly, spiritual, from above, from Him, it is not ours. And then all the glory is ONLY His.

I challenge you to an EARNEST, DETERMINED prayer:

“Lord, I won’t let You go until You change me, until You empty me of myself and fill me with You, because I understood that only ONE touch from You can change all of my life and only then will my mercy and love become effective, because they are from You. Lord, help me seek You and love You, because nothing, absolutely nothing in this world can compare to Your Presence and when You touch me, my whole universe changes. Then I don’t look to myself anymore, for I fall in love with You and I desire You every moment. Then I won’t need anyone to tell me not to sin anymore, because Your love keeps me pure. Then I won’t be afraid of anything, because I can see You, I can feel that You are always with me. Then I won’t have to defend myself and fight, because You are my rock, my Defender and my Helper at any time. Then my life is totally surrendered to You, not by force or out of fear, but because I LOVE YOU AND DESIRE YOU, BECAUSE YOU HAVE FILLED MY LIFE WITH YOURS. I am the happiest person in the world, because only one TOUCH of Your love has filled me with Your love and mercy for all the people. Lord, I persevere and I won’t let You go until You TOUCH me, because I know that once You touch me, my life is totally TRANSFORMED.”

A GOOD MAN OUT OF THE GOOD TREASURE OF HIS HEART BRINGS FORTH GOOD; and an EVIL man out of the EVIL treasure of his heartbrings forth EVIL. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)

This verse is so deep and good to meditate on, because it is current, practical and reveals us who we are and also exhorts us to CHOOSE to accumulate only good things in our hearts.

GOODNESS is a rare flower, which few persons in this world have. We know that ONLY ONE IS GOOD – GOD.

But once we have been born again, we MUST have the DNA of our Heavenly Father who is GOOD.

But we can see that this fruit of the Holy Spirit is hard to find.

Throughout this life we have gathered a lot of things, feelings, pain, bitterness, unforgiveness, questions, disappointment, frustration etc. in our hearts. And what do you think will come out of it??? What we have gathered there.  

And many times we wonder WHY WE REACT THIS WAY? Not even we like ourselves. Then what is it to be done?

We need to come to the foot of the cross of Jesus and tell Him all our pain and burden, ask for forgiveness, forgive and totally surrender to Him. We want His blood to wash us from every sin and from all the bad things that we have gathered in our hearts out of lack of vigilance. Only the PURE in heart can see God.

The more careful and vigilant we are with what we allow to enter our hearts, the more the goodness of God will fill our hearts.

The more we leave opened the door of our hearts, the happier the evil one is to bring all that is bad and ugly in our hearts and that’s why our words are bad, acid, mean, critical, angry, stubborn and hurt those around us.


That’s why the Spirit of the Lord is reminding us today to watch over our hearts and mouths. What a joy it is for us and for those around us when we go somewhere and we open the TREASURE of our hearts and empty it before others. Everybody will be so delighted and happy that they also get to enjoy these “riches” that come out of our hearts.

What do we take out of the treasure of our hearts daily?

Is our treasure GOOD? Then surely we will take out only good things. That’s why we are encouraged to have such a fellowship, communion and walk with the ONLY ONE WHO IS GOOD, so that we will also be like Him.

The Lord is GOOD and RICH in Goodness. He has enough Goodness to give to all of us as much as we want.

His goodness is infinite, like an ocean that never goes dry, no matter how much you take out of it…


It is a decision, a choice which will cost you oftentimes. Because the flesh prompts you to be mean, because the world is so mean…

But I CHOOSE TO REMOVE ANY SHADOW OF MALICE and fill myself only with GOODNESS and then the treasure of my heart will spread ONLY GOOD THINGS WHICH WILL BRING A LOT OF BLESSING TO THOSE AROUND ME.


There was a fig tree… and the master came to look for FRUIT in it and he DIDN”T find any.

Three years in a row he kept hoping, he kept seeking fruit and in the third year he still didn’t see anything… How sad! Then he makes the most painful decision: “CUT IT DOWN; WHY DOES IT USE UP THE GROUND?”

The Spirit of the Lord is visiting us today, too, so that we shall search ourselves. If the Master comes, will He find FRUIT in us???

Are we waiting joyfully for the voice of the Master who will say to us: “Well done, good and faithful servant…”? Or are we terrified only at the thought that we will hear: “CUT IT DOWN!” or “Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire…”

This is a time of EXTREME VISITATION. What and HOW MUCH are we doing for the Lord? What kind of fruit do we bring forth for Him?

However, there is still GRACE AND MERCY.

The most perfect and loving vintager doesn’t want to give up on us and goes to intercede before THE MASTER for us.

Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and fertilize it.And if it bears fruit, well. But IF NOT… YOU CAN CUT IT DOWN.”

What a wonderful Savior we have, who day and night intercedes for us so that we shall not be cut down… He will come and dig around and clean up all that has attached to us, all “the weeds” of this world, which suck all the sap out of us, everything that is worldly and natural, all the lusts and worries that have wrapped around us like weeds.

Then Jesus, the vintager, promises us that he will fertilize us. We know that any plant, any tree needs fertilizers to grow and be fruitful. The same way, our Lord will guide us to EAT good spiritual food (sermons with anointing and revelation, true worship songs, time spent in prayer with Him). Now we have abundant spiritual food which each of us can find abundantly on the Internet and nobody can excuse themselves saying they didn’t know. We need “dung” – spiritual fertilizer at our roots so that we will be fruitful for the glory of the Lord.

Without charging our spiritual batteries, without spending time at the feet of the Lord and abiding in the Word of the Lord, WE CANNOT BEAR FRUIT.

The one who abides in the love of the Lord, will surely BE FRUITFUL. HALLELUIAH!

May the Lord help us see our condition, to no longer be careless, running around stressed, tired, discontent and frustrated in this world, so that we won’t realize we have run IN VAIN; that we neither enjoyed life, NOR DID ANYTHING for the Lord.

A selfish, dry and fruitless life, as that of the fruitless fig tree, which can soon be CUT DOWN… And why is this so??? When the Lord Jesus destined us to have abundant life, a victorious life, a life full of fruit for the glory of the Lord???

Let’s TURN BACK to Him with all our hearts and let’s allow Him to DIG around us and put fertilizer at our roots…




We want and we pray so much that our faith will be greater.

But we know very well what the Word of the Lord says: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So why don’t we have faith?

Because we don’t have the Word in our hearts, we don’t study and we don’t meditate on it day and night. How does faith work?

The moment a trial has come upon us, WE MUST run to the Word, to the Lord’s promises. If we are overwhelmed with depression, sadness, fear etc., this is a very clear sign that we DO NOT HAVE A RELATINSHIP WITH THE WORD of God, who is Jesus Himself.

When trouble has come, we run to what the Lord tells us in the Word and we continue to declare, to meditate and to speak it out every day and every hour, no matter if reality tells a different story. Any Word of God is TRIED. How? The evil one doesn’t want us to trust God and he comes with PRESSURE from within and from without to steal us THE SEED OF THE WORD, so that it might not bear fruit.

This is when PATIENCE comes to help faith.

A farmer patiently waits for the harvest.

So you are tested. You have put your hope in the Lord, in His promise. More intense temptations, pressure and attacks start to come in order to pull your confidence to pieces. But you know that the Word is alive, it is like a seed which has life in itself, that’s why you must persevere with patience, no matter how strong the wind, the storm, the furnace are. You persevere and you continue in the same position of total trust that the Lord is going to answer to you. The seed doesn’t immediately spring. That is the reason why we need patience. We want the Lord to give us an answer NOW and immediately… and how many times do we say that “we lost our patience”? This is when we allow our seed to be stolen from us.

When we look too much to what we feel and what we see, that’s not faith.

When we are lazy and we don’t meditate day and night on the Word until we receive divine revelation, we won’t see any result.

“…through faith and patience inherit the promises”. (Hebrews 6:12)

If you are going through a trial, the Spirit of the Lord is encouraging you today to persevere in believing the promises of the Lord and wait with patience. Patience is a virtue which brings us results. Persevere in what God has promised, and not in what you see and feel. This way you will grow spiritually, because God doesn’t want to give you the answer on the spot, so that next time you’ll fail the test. He wants to promote you. Therefore, fight and win! Don’t rely on others anymore, because when you understand how faith works together with patience, you’ve got the answer.


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