We all boast today that we have the Holy Spirit and it’s true. But how much of His anointing and fullness do we have that is manifested in our lives daily and especially in ministry???

If you don’t know God at a new level and what the ANOINTING of His Spirit means, you can make no difference either in your life or in others’.

There are preachers of all kind, trained, schooled, post-graduate etc… but they lack ANOINTING.

What does this mean? The Holy Spirit has the symbol of the Holy OIL (For example, when you charge your car with clean oil, it works wonderfully!)

Those who sing, preach, pray etc. need to have that anointing of the Holy Spirit. This anointing touches, changes, transforms.

Even if there are only a few words, if they are under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they will bear fruit.

How can we have this ANOINTING?

Olives need to be CRUSHED so that oil, which is so expensive and healthy, might come out of them.

God CHOOSES us, CALLS us, CRUSHES us and then USES us.

This man went to a cave and stayed with God 21 days and nights during which he only drank a little water. He was determined to know God and to do His will.

Until we are ready to PAY THE PRICE OF HAVING OUR EGO CRUSHED, and be RADICAL AND TOTALLY DEDICATED TO GOD, He will not use us. There are many who go, sing, pray, preach etc., but there is no fruit behind them, because they lack ANOINTING, which is THE CRUSHING, the BROKENNESS and PERSONAL TIME SPENT WITH GOD.

Do you want to know God deeper? Do you want to have the anointing of the Holy Spirit so that you’ll make a difference and bear fruit for His glory?

Then do everything you can to get alone with God for several days with fasting and prayer, and you’ll see what A BIG DIFFERENCE you’ll live…


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